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Blogs & News

Gut Health and the SOMAVIT SGC Connection

by Millennium Herbal Care

Why does Gut Health matter?

Gut health is super important for several reasons. The gut is home to a complex and diverse community of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses, collectively known as the gut microbiome. This microbiome plays a crucial role in many aspects of health, including digestion, immunity, and even mental health. A healthy gut microbiome can help to maintain the integrity of the gut lining, which acts as a barrier to protect the body from harmful substances, preventing leakage and subsequent systemic inflammation. It can also help to prevent the overgrowth of potentially harmful bacteria, while rebalancing the body's immune system. Additionally, the gut microbiome plays a role in the production of certain vitamins and other nutrients that are essential for good health. In short, maintaining a healthy gut is crucial for overall health and wellbeing.


How can prebiotics help gut health?

Prebiotic supplements are designed to support the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. These supplements typically contain a type of fiber that is indigestible by the human digestive system, but can be used as a food source by the beneficial bacteria in the gut. By providing a source of nutrition for these bacteria, prebiotic supplements can help to support their growth and proliferation. This, in turn, can help to maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut, which can have vital beneficial effects on health. For example, a healthy gut microbiome can support the integrity of the gut lining, help to prevent the overgrowth of harmful bacteria, and support the body's immune system. Additionally, studies have suggested that prebiotic supplements may help to improve digestive health, and even support mental health, calling it ‘the second brain’.

What is Arabinagalactan?

Arabinogalactan is a type of fiber that is found in a few plants, including Tinospora cordifolia (Guduchi / Gulvel) vines, especially the stems. It is a power prebiotic because it is indigestible by the human digestive system and can be used as a food source by beneficial bacteria in the gut. Studies have suggested that arabinogalactan has powerful prebiotic effects and is able to support the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Ayurveda fully understands its potential as a prebiotic and prescribed the optimal dosage and form for use as an effective immunity optimizer.

SOMAVIT SGC contains the therapeutic optimal dosage of 610mg of highly purified Guduchi Satva (Arabinagalactan) to ensure the fastest balancing of the gut microbiome.


What is Rasayana?

In modern medical terminology, the term "rasayana" refers to a category of Ayurvedic herbs and practices that are known to promote health and longevity. Rasayana is a Sanskrit term that literally means "path of essence," and is thought to refer to the path to rejuvenation and vitality. In Ayurveda, rasayana herbs and practices are believed to support the body's natural ability to maintain health and prevent disease. These herbs and practices are typically used as part of a holistic approach to health and wellness having numerous benefits, including support for the immune system, improved digestion, and support for the nervous system.

SOMAVIT SGC contains the ideal rasayana combination of Amla (antioxidant and polyphenol source), Ashwagandha (adaptogen), Gokshura (antioxidant and vitality provider).


Who should consider taking the Prebiotic + Rasayana supplement – SOMAVIT SGC?

SOMAVIT SGC is a clinically validated formula that is recommended for individuals who want to support the health of their gut microbiome and maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in their digestive system. This includes people who are looking to improve their digestive health, support their immune system, or simply maintain overall health and wellbeing.

SOMAVIT SGC is strongly recommended for individuals who:

  • have an imbalanced gut microbiome,
  • suffer from autoimmune diseases,
  • are diabetic,
  • have kidney disease,
  • want to optimize mental health,
  • suffer from lack of energy,
  • have recently fallen ill,
  • those who have taken antibiotics that may have disrupted the balance of bacteria in their gut.