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Blogs & News

Slowing Skin Ageing and Ayurveda

by Millennium Herbal Care

We find the description of the healthiest skin in Ayurvedic textbook Charak Samhita. “The healthiest skin is glossy, smooth, soft, clean and adorable with fine, thin, deep rooted and delicate hairs and is with glow. The person with this kind of skin is also endowed with happiness, good fortune, power, enjoyment, intelligence, knowledge, health, cheerfulness and longevity.”


This is an almost 2000-year-old description as given in a Sanskrit Ayurvedic textbook!


It is obvious from the above description, that to get good quality skin, one must aim at arresting the aging process by using all means, including anti-aging ingredients – Rasayan medicines – recommended in Ayurveda. The most visible signs of aging are seen on the skin in the form of wrinkles and sagging of the skin. The most visible signs of youthful skin are seen on the skin as described in the first paragraph of this article


To reiterate the obvious – delayed aging delays skin aging.


Let us understand the basics first. The skin, outermost layer or covering of our body, is an amazing organ; this largest organ of the body is protected by a few barriers. These barriers keep our skin moist and nourished. This results in shielding and protecting our skin from the constant onslaught of toxins, the Sun’s rays and environmental factors which lead to premature aging. Good nutrition and certain lifestyle measures keep the skin healthy. But as time goes by, our skin undergoes biological, chronological and internal changes.


Quick tips to keep our skin in healthy state:

  1. Regular cleansing of the skin: This is critical because, sweating mixed with dust is irritating to the skin leading to rashes, and skin inflammation, and infection.
  2. Face wash with a gentle scrub twice a week. This will ensure cleansing of effects of pollution, environmental toxins, dust etc.
  3. Minimize exposure to sun, wind, and UV rays. These damage the skin structure which leads to skin wrinkles. If you have to expose to the sun, use UV protection.
  4. Use moisturizer daily. This keeps our skin moist, smooth and youthful.
  5. Avoid skin-care products containing potentially irritating chemical components.
  6. Say no to smoking. Besides the internalization of deadly toxins, smokers also don’t get sound sleep. Not getting sound sleep hastens the aging process.
  7. Moderate alcohol intake. Alcohol is dehydrating overall and specifically reduces the skin moisture and causes puffy eyes, dry skin and skin wrinkles.
  8. Regular physical exercise. This results in increased blood supply to the skin, thus helping skin get proper nourishment and ensures timely removal of toxins from the skin. Skin shines with radiance.
  9. Say yes to a healthy, balanced diet. A diet high in fruits and vegetables provide necessary vitamins and minerals that can help prevent damage that leads to the appearance of premature skin aging.
  10. To help the body effectively combat ageing, Ayurveda recommends consumption of certain herbs which make skin healthy. Common skin toning herbs are Licorice, Amla, Turmeric, Neem. These herbs are generally recommended for skin health. They have potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.


Each of these ingredients provides one or more major benefits in fighting aging, helping with skin rejuvenation, texture, moisture and overall appearance all while reducing those fine lines. These ingredients are used in specific combinations for the most effective outcomes possible.


Maintaining a youthful appearance and turning back the clock from years of damaging habits, without paying a hefty cost.


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