A cough is a natural, protective reflex. Coughing brings out any foreign particles or mucus that obstruct the flow of air in the respiratory tract. When a cough occurs in which sputum is expectorated is called productive cough and unproductive or dry cough is when cough is unaccompanied by sputum.

A cough is the commonest symptom of common cold and also many upper respiratory tract infections such as flu, sinusitis, allergies, whooping cough, etc. A cough can also occur due to some lower respiratory (airway) infection and problems such as pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, TB etc.

ENCOF is an alcohol-free cough syrup containing extracts from herbs. It is non-addictive, non-drowsy syrup that provides relief from the symptoms of cough. It brings out the mucus accumulated in the lungs and also soothes the swollen inflamed throat and mucosa of airways. So, it gives you immediate relief and comfort. It also helps improve your immunity and build resistance against recurrent attacks of cough and keep you away from seasonal cough.

How it works?

Each ingredient in ENCOF has a particular action.

  • Yashtimadhu, Kankol, Banapsha, and Talispatra present in ENCOF act by changing the chemical structure of mucus. So, the mucus becomes thin and can be easily brought out. They also form a coating on the inflamed mucosa and help soothen the inflammation and irritation of the throat
  • Vasaka, Somavalli, and Bharangi make the mucus thin and less viscous. So, it can be quickly expelled out. They are known to be potent bronchodilators that broaden the passages of the airway. This helps to keep continuous and sufficient airflow in the passages
  • Soonth, Tulsi, Haridra, and Yashtimadhu are known to be antihistaminic and antitussive. An antihistaminic stops the release of histamine, thus there is a decrease in the production of mucosa secretion from airways. Antitussives suppress the cough reflex. Both of these are helpful in dry, unproductive cough
  • Amla, Yashtimadhu helps increase the immunity of your body. They reduce the occurrence of seasonal cough


ENCOF cough syrup helps relieve productive cough. It is also effective in relieving symptoms of upper and lower airway problems with cough of any etiology. It provides effective relief from cough associated with mild to moderate allergic and non-allergic bronchial asthma and bronchitis.

Direction for use

In adults, it is advisable to take 5-10ml twice or thrice a day for three to four days and for children, it is 5ml twice or thrice a day for three to four days. Follow your physician’s instructions.

Scientific Information

The effective expectorant and mucolytic agent for productive cough


  • Prompt symptomatic relief from irritated mucosa and annoying cough
  • Effective mucolytic, demulcent and expectorant
  • Enhances immunity and prevents recurrent bouts of seasonal cough
  • Anti-histaminic action without sedation, drowsiness and dryness of mouth
  • Non habit forming
  • Safe for long term use

Product Concept

Encof is an ideal combination of herbs with specific action such as mucolytic, demulcent, expectorant and anti-inflammatory action for effective control of annoying cough. It also builds up immunity due to presence of Amla which is the richest natural source of Vit.C.

Mode of Action


Glycyrrhiza glabra (Yashtimadhu), Piper cubeba (Kankol), Viola odorata4 (Banapsha), Flacourtia cataphracta4 (Talispatra)


Adhatoda vasica¹ (Vasaka), Ephedra gerardiana4 (Somavalli), Clerodendron serratum (Bharangi)


Zingiber officinale² (Soonth), Ocimum sanctum³ (Tulsi), Curcuma longa5 (Haridra), Glycyrrhiza glabra (Yashtimadhu)


Emblica officinalis (Amla), Glycyrrhiza glabra (Yashtimadhu)

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