Daruharidra is a versatile medicinal plant. Usually the roots of this plant are used for medicinal purpose but it is found that different species of Berberis viz, B. asiatica, B. chitria, and B. lycium are also used under the name of Daruharidra in different parts of the country. Daruharidra may be used in combination with other herbs or can be used singly in order to get the desired effect based on the disease.

It is used to treat a variety of ailments like jaundice, spleen enlargement, leprosy, rheumatism, fever, morning/ evening sickness, snakebite etc. The major compound found in Daruharidra is an alkaloid berberine which has properties to treat cholera, acute diarrhea, amoebiasis, latent malaria and for the treatment of oriental sore caused by Leishmania tropica.

Available at: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23431340

Daruharidra, an Ayurvedic medicinal plant, helps to treat various ailments

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